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Dont Make Me Stop Now: Stories Michael    Parker

Dont Make Me Stop Now: Stories

Michael Parker

ISBN : 9781616202170
276 pages
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 About the Book 

These eleven arresting, comic, and moving stories by acclaimed writer Michael Parker testify to the driving force of love, the lengths to which well go to claim it and pursue it, the delusions well float to keep it going, the torment that goes partMoreThese eleven arresting, comic, and moving stories by acclaimed writer Michael Parker testify to the driving force of love, the lengths to which well go to claim it and pursue it, the delusions well float to keep it going, the torment that goes part and parcel with it. And despite all of the above, the absolute necessity of it, no matter its consequences.Whether its a college student undone by the boy who leaves her, or the boyfriend intent on leveling old scores from high school for his lover, or the husband who discovers--in the grocery store--the woman he should have been with all along, every character, no matter how off track, wants to believe in debt and credit and payback and making the messy world--and the messy world of love--turn out neatly.

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